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Challenging wellbeing: an introductory workshop for governors and trustees  (2015)<

This pilot course, offered by Healthy FEdefinition and Skills in partnership with NIACEdefinition, was funded by the Foundation's Excellence in Leadership, Management and Governance programme and ran in February and March 2015.  A summary of its activities and impact is attached below.

A wellbeing approach (2014)<

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‘'Workplace Wellbeingdefinition in Education and Training' (#ETWWB) is one of 15 pilot management courses being funded by the Education and Training Foundation (the Foundation). It involves a short course to enable education and training providers to work with colleagues across their organisations to develop an evidence-based settings approach to implementing best practice in Workplace Wellbeing. It will result in positive and measurable changes in workforce sickness absence and retention and business benefits.
We have designed the pilot course to enable education and training organisations to develop a distributive leadership approach to improving the wellbeing of all staff. Once implemented this can create financial and social benefits for staff, the working environment, outcomes for learners and the whole organisation.

What’s involved?<

In May 2014 we recruited 12 education and training organisations that know they have a problem with staff sickness, staff absence and retention, have data to evidence it, have a willingness to look at different ways of addressing this and have senior management support to become involved. The call for expressions of interest is attached below.

As part of a rapid needs assessment and planning process, two representatives from 5 organisations joined a content-creating 2-day residential held at  Northern College< on 19 and 20 June 2014. A copy of the programme is attached below. These 5 education and training providers now form the hub of the project. With a bit of help from our project team, they developed a plan and resources to support delivery of a local course, tailored to their own circumstances and context, which (again with a bit of help from us) will be delivered where and how they choose.

The diagram below illustrates the structure of the project.

Image designed to illustrate the approach to the Health, Work and Wellbeing course, showing a central content-creating hub and 12 local courses as the spokes radiating out from the central hub


Face-to-face, belended or online 

You design your local course to suit your workplace and particular needs

All we ask is that you deliver it by August 2014

The timetable was tight but we believed that this was such an important issue in the sector, and a real opportunity to make a difference, that we saw the timetable as a positive challenge: A chance to show that, as a sector, we can respond quickly and flexibly when given the opportunity.  So we sought to work together to make it happen in the short time frame that the funding allowed.

Facilitating the course<

The project support team was made up of some of partners from the Healthy FE and Skills Policy Group:

  • Public Health Englanddefinition leads for workplace health and children and families
  • Healthy FE and Skills Regional Co-ordinators for the North West and South East regions
  • AoCdefinition<
  • UCUdefinition (University and College Union)
  • DWPdefinition 

Feedback and outcomes from the project will inform the Foundation’s Management Framework and commissioning going forward in the 2014/15 academic year. For this reason, the project required a short intensive time commitment from everyone involved from June to August 2014.

NIACE is responsible for the overall delivery and monitoring of the #ETWWB course. In addition, the course will be independently evaluated by Oxford Brookes University (on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation). The Education and Training Foundation will disseminate lessons learned and findings at their national leadership, management and governance event on 9 October 2014 in London. 

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